Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A parcel for my Polls

Being at uni and away from my besties from home is really tough. I miss them all the time. After my exams had finished last week, I was desperate to do something creative and decided to make my best friend Polly a nice parcel to cheer her up and let her know I miss her. 

I got a old cardboard box which I decorated in various cuttings of wrapping paper, stickers, decoupage scraps and other crafty bits and bobs. Then I filled it with lots of treats - a nice pair of knickers, some pretty pins (she's a textiles student after all!), birdy stickers, friendship bracelet, and some yummy edible goodies. 

Then I wrapped it all up and prettified it and waited in anticipation until she received it. 

She loved it, and I loved making her happy :)

(I forgot to take any photos before I sent it, so these are courtesy of Polly's blog)

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